Netflix is more watched than Cable TV nowadays. So, chances are, your children spend a lot o of time on it, watching cartoons, series and movies. Parents should appreciate this form of entertainment, but also should pay close attention on what type of content is consumed by children.

Fortunately, Netflix allows parents to limit what their children can watch according to the maturity rating of the video.

Important to mention that Netflix Parental Controls are very limited since there is no way to restrict screen time. And we know that excessive time in front of a screen can have bad consequences on children.

Anyway, we prepared a special step-by-step guide to teach parents how to setup parental controls for Netflix that make sure your kid doesn’t watch inappropriate content at least.

Setting up Parental Controls for Netflix

  1. Access your Netflix Account Page from a web browser and Click Manage Profiles
  2. Select your Child’s Profile
  3. Check Kid option
  4. Add a Profile (if your child doesn’t have one already) and select Kid option

  5. Go back to You Account and click on Parental Controls
  6. You will need to enter your password again
  7. Set a 4-digit PIN and select the type of content you want to be locked under that PIN. Setting up a PIN is important in case your child changes her profile to yours to try to bypass her content limitations.

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