What is Ketchup?

Ketchup is a messaging app

No, not the kind of messaging app you’ve been using so far. Ketchup is built with safety in mind. It’s a messaging app that enhances your current social connections, not replace them.

You only chat with whom you really know.

Say goodbye to fake accounts, spam, trolling, bullying and other toxic behaviors.

Say hello to Ketchup.

A new kind of messaging app

The moment you realize that you’re not sure who you’re talking to. 

This happens on other messaging apps, but not on Ketchup. To befriend someone on Ketchup, both of you need to actively agree and know each other from outside the platform.

On Ketchup you will never get a random message from a random person you don’t know who is.

Ketchup has no user discovery and you can never get messages from strangers or fake accounts. You just talk to people who are already your friends.

On Ketchup, you can only join a chat group if you are already friends with all members.

So you can trust everyone you talk to and are able to be yourself. 

On Ketchup there are no group admins who can kick members out.

You can join and leave groups as you wish but you’ll never feel you’re out of the loop for no reason.

We’re not like other social platforms that collect a bunch of your personal data and sell it to advertisers, to target you better.

We will never collect your personal data and much less sell it to others or even run ads.

We don’t require you to have smartphone or even a phone number for that matter. You can enjoy Ketchup pretty much with any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our app works on Android, iOS and Web. Download it now.

Ketchup – 2019

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